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The mission of Optima Academy Online is to provide an excellent, virtue-centered education using a classical curriculum, great books, and innovative content delivery in the context of a sincere and inspiring community of scholars.

Optima Academy Online uses a great books curriculum, thoughtful Socratic instruction, and our excellent faculty to inspire and inform our scholars, and we ensure that virtue is at the center of each course, unit, and lesson.  It is our goal to graduate scholars of fine moral character, with an understanding of their rights and responsibilities, the value of the life of the mind, and the rewards inherent in a fully engaged life. 


OAO’s vision is to introduce our scholars to the good, the true, and the beautiful, both in our curriculum, and in the world around them.  We aspire to educate students in such a way that they will be prepared to participate meaningfully in whichever pursuits they desire, and to do so understanding that happiness is only truly achieved when it is found in the pursuit of something worthwhile.

We work to ensure our scholars understand, embrace, and appreciate the cultural, social, and literary inheritance they have in western society, and enable them to participate meaningfully in the ongoing conversation of a liberal arts education and all of its benefits.  Our vision is to see our scholars become not only inheritors and stewards of the western tradition, but also the architects of its future flourishing.