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Core Knowledge

The Core Knowledge curriculum is the most content-rich curriculum now extant for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade in subjects from history and science to art and music. It focuses squarely on content whereas other curricula, particularly the similarly named Common Core, focus on skills.

Students memorize facts, dates, names, places, and events, which give them the basic pieces of geography, history, and science. With this wealth of knowledge students form reasonable and coherent opinions, craft good arguments, and seek out deeper and broader knowledge. Background knowledge is vital for increased reading ability, interest in school, improved memory, and understanding abstractions and meaning.
For instance, students in the Third Grade learn about the human body, and specific systems and organs, including the role and function of various organs such as the ear and the eye. Some of these concepts are revisited in later grades in more complete and mature ways, but our content-rich curriculum inspires real delight in the richness of the human and natural world.