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Dress Code

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Dress Code for Non-VR Class Meetings and Events:

All scholars of Optima Academy Online are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and in a manner befitting the virtue focus of their education. As such, during all class meetings or in-person events wherein the student and their dress is visible, students will abide by the following requirements:

  1. A collared shirt must be worn, and must be of a solid white, navy blue, or gold color.
  2. If at an in-person event, non-denim pants, shorts, or skirts may be worn a. All shorts and skirts must be of an appropriate length (not to exceed 4 inches above the knee when standing) and in good repair (no holes or tears, intentional or otherwise)
  3. No clothing may be worn that features inappropriate language, themes (sex, violence, illicit substances, or activities for whcih students are not of age)
  4. Hair should be a natural color
  5. Facial hair should be well-groomed
  6. Shoes should be closed-toed and no heels or wheeled shoes may be worn.