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Classical School Reimagined

Optima Academy Online (OAO)

  • Have you been looking for a partner in your child's education who values their intellectual, moral, and civic formation equally? Are you looking for a school that is steeped in intellectual rigor with a time-tested curriculum?

  • Are you looking for a school that allows you the freedom to explore, to expose your children to the greatness of the natural world, see family or friends in far-off places, or simply to be present in their lives throughout each day?

  • Have you yearned for the freedom of an educational choice that can fit your family’s personal lifestyle. One that does not require you to sacrifice family time to have a great education for your child?    

Good News! Optima Academy Online is that school, and we are eager to welcome your scholar to our innovative classical school, where freedom and virtue are emphasized for all. In addition, you can take this world class online classical education opportunity with you wherever you go, whether across the street or across the country.     

Optima Academy Online is truly unique. We are the world's first virtual-reality school, and also the only classical virtual charter school available in the state of Florida. Each day at OAO, our scholars (that’s what we call our students) will receive live instruction in the metaverse (our virtual reality classroom that could be anywhere from the ancient theater in Pompeii to a prehistoric watering hole) and experience an immersive, collaborative, and socially appropriate experience with their instructor and peers between 8:00 and 12:00.  

After the live portion of the instructional day, scholars will have asynchronous learning, including their assignments for that day, that can be completed on their own schedule. At OAO, scholars are free to explore the world as never before, live in community, and develop uncommon intellectual skills.
If you are interested in learning more about what makes an education classical in nature, we have some links below for you to read further. We invite you to look around the site, and please reach out with any questions! At Optima Academy Online, we are excited to usher in the next generation of classical education, and we hope you’ll consider being part of the community we’re building.